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The Storyfi producers are proud of their ability to bring any vision to life, no matter how grand. While the possibilities are endless, below, we've highlighted a handful of our most commonly requested project types and their entry pricing. We can use any of these projects as a starting point or work with you to develop a fully custom production.

The Tutorial

Let's face it, most of your members probably aren't visiting their local branch regularly to access their funds, no, they are pulling out their smartphones and logging into your credit union's mobile banking app. Nationally, the average credit union member age is holding steady at 48 years old, and well, some of those users could use a little extra help navigating your systems. Let Storyfi do the heavy lifting and create a mobile banking tutorial for all of your members to help alleviate some of their basic questions and the resulting stresses on your member support teams.

The Endorsement

Every negative customer experience can cost an organization thousands in lost or unrealized business. Alternatively, individuals that have a genuinely positive or memorable experience will often advocate and sell your brand within their sphere of influence for free. These personal accounts connect and resonate stronger than many other types of marketing and can influence even the most stubborn naysayers. While we can't fix a poor reputation overnight, we can guide a member through their story in an endorsement or testimonial video and place your brand on a surer footing, poised for growth.

The Brand Anthem

Each credit union story is unique, but none more so than your credit union's rich history, mission, purpose, and organizational culture rolled in a single narrative. We call this video the brand anthem, a celebration of your credit union's past, present, and future, and a rallying cry for your employees, members, and the communities you serve. 

The Recruitment

If your credit union is growing, well, chances are you have plenty of roles to fill and in this competitive climate, rarely does the perfect candidate call into your lap, let alone multiple candidates. Consider using video as a recruitment tool that showcases your credit union's unique culture, benefits, and community impact as the ideal career destination for top local, regional, or national talent. 

The Campaign

A standalone video can accomplish many things, but an omnichannel campaign featuring two or more pieces of content can drive awareness and consideration for events, initiatives, products, services, and so much more. Storyfi has many years of experience running one of the nation's best and most successful cooperative advertising campaigns. They are pleased to put those best practices to use for your organization. Whether or not your credit union has an agency of record (AOR), we will work with you and your partners to bring your next campaign to life.



Storyfi's newest offering, VIDFUEL, takes the best of our extensive content library and presents your credit union with the ability to customize high-quality assets with your brand colors, logo, and more, all at a nominal cost as low as $399 per video!

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The Recognition

So many remarkable individuals across the credit union movement carry the People Helping People philosophy forward. These team members come from every background imaginable, and they fill positions at every level. Yet, in their way, they make an impact that shapes everything from a personal banking relationship to driving positive and lasting change in their communities. Honor these peers and colleagues, their influence, and their dedicated service with a recognition video.


*We offer discounted pricing for multiple awards videos. Please reach out for a quote.

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